Aman Dangat: The Martyred Datu of Batanes

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Among the countless revolutionaries that fought for the freedom of the people they govern, Aman Dangat, also known as Kenan, is just one of the many Filipinos who stood against the Spanish colonizers in the 18th Century.


Having served as the chief (datu) of Malakdang in Sabtang Island, Batanes, Aman Dangat continued to govern the island after the establishment of Spanish rule in Batanes on June 26, 1783.


Aman Dangat: The Martyred Datu of Batanes

The bust of Aman Dangat in Rizal Park


Problems would soon boil over, when, agents of the Spanish colonizers demanded supplies and timber from his people without just compensation.


The revolt that followed soon after led to the death of seven Spanish officials which resulted in the conflict between the native Ivatans and the Spanish colonizers. Armed with only native weapons, the Ivatan revolutionaries led by Aman Dangat was overpowered by the Spanish forces.


As a result of the revolt, the people of Sabtang were exiled for the next fifty years to the neighboring districts of San Felix and San Vicente.


Aman Dangat was captured and executed by hanging in 1791.



Aman Dangat: The Martyred Datu of Batanes

Aman Dangat





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