Discovery Primea: 5 Things About This Kenzō Tange-Designed Hotel

Last Updated: December 18th, 2017


Discovery Primea

Discovery Primea


Discovery Primea

A close look at the building’s facade


Situated at the entrance of Ayala Avenue, Discovery Primea bills itself as the newest luxury hotel for business and leisure traveler. Currently the fourth tallest building in Makati City, this towering structure has one of the best views of Manila’s famous sunset.


1. The 68-story Discovery Primea was designed by Tokyo-based architectural firm Tange Associates in collaboration with Jorge Y. Ramos & Partners.

Established in 1946 by Pritzker Prize winner Kenzō Tange, Tange Associates went on to become one of the leading architectural firms in Japan. Among the firm’s well-known projects include the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo, Fuji TV Headquarters, BMW Italy Headquarters, Shizuoka Press & Broadcasting Center, and the UOB Plaza in Singapore, among others.

Jorge Y. Ramos, meanwhile, is credited for the design of the Philippine Heart Center, Golden Mosque, and the GSIS Building–all located in Manila.


2. As of 2017, it is currently the fifth tallest building in the country at a height of 250 meters. It is also the fourth tallest building in Makati City.


Discovery Primea

As seen from Paseo de Roxas


3. The project was done in collaboration landscape designer Paulo Alcazaren, Los Angeles-based design firm Texiera, Inc., and Anna Sy, DWP-Design Worldwide Partnership (Bangkok/Hong Kong).


4. The 141-room property was developed by the real estate arm of the JTKC Group of Companies. Before making it big, the late John Tiu Ka Cho–who also happens to be the grandfather of basketball player Chris Tiu–first started his foray in business when he established Union Hardware in Manila in 1947.

With his success, he went on to open the first nail factories in the country, the Manila Steel Manufacturing Company. Goodwill Steel and Wire Company and Goodyear Steel Pipe Corporation then followed in the early 1960s with the latter being the cornerstone of his steel manufacturing operations.

He then decided to try his luck in real estate when he opened his first of serviced apartments called Dakota Mansion which was followed by Mabini Mansion in Manila, Amorsolo Mansion in Makati, and Boulevard Mansion in Manila. JTKC continues to diversify with the establishment of Sterling Bank of Asia and i-Remit Inc.

JTKC also owns and operates three other properties that carry the Discovery brand including Discovery Shores in Boracay, Discovery Suites in Ortigas, and the Discovery Suites in Tagaytay.


5. Discovery Primea stands on the site of the old Gilarmi Apartments which was also owned by JTKC.


Discovery Primea main entrance

The main entrance


Discovery Primea

From another angle


Discovery Primea

As seen from Ayala Triangle Gardens



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