Altro Mondo’s “Rondo II”

Last Updated: November 8th, 2018


Rondo II at Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea

Rondo II at Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea


Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea’s annual group exhibit “Rondo II” features the works of twenty-seven Filipino contemporary artists. In describing “Rondo II”, Gwen Bautista writes:

“In classical music, Rondo consists of refrains, which are alternated with episodes. The refrains remain the same throughout the course of a movement but the episodes may contrast tonally and thematically. Altro Mondo’s current group show shares the same ground with the musical form and strives to present an assemblage of works that depict refrains in the form of portraits, landscapes, realism, social realism, and the like while alternating with episodes in the form of abstraction, surrealism, and the progressive.”


Remegio David, an art collector and the man behind Altro Mondo, explains how “Rondo II” is “an assembly of established and emerging Filipino contemporary artists that aim to look at the present art preferences and gauge a little bit of the past and some of the future. It’s not as much, a retrospective. Rather, it’s a dialogue among the artists despite their pictorial differences, personal preferences, and aesthetic persuasions. It’s the ethos running in them and although difficult to explain–it’s simply coming together and revealing Altro Mondo’s je ne sais quoi.”


This year’s group exhibit will feature the works of Andres Barrioquinto, Jonathan Benitez, Herwin Buccat, Ross Capili, Ernest Concepcion, J Consunji, Jayson Cortez, Gerecho Iniel Cruz, Antipas Delotavo, Norman Dreo, Roberto Feleo, Romulo Galiciano, Allain Hablo, Mia Herbosa, Niccolo Jose, Winner Jumalon, Rico Lascano, Art Lozano, Othoniel Neri, Justin Nuyda, Jim Orencio, Nile Pobadora, Issay Rodriguez, Jo Tanierla, Nestor Vinluan, Betsy Westendorp, and Orley Ypon.


Antipas Delotavo "Epektos"

Antipas Delotavo “Epektos”


Jim Orencio "Red Bridge"

Jim Orencio “Red Bridge”


(L-R) Ernest Concepcion "Squat Nobility" and Robert Feleo "Lutang/Laho"

(L-R) Ernest Concepcion “Squat Nobility” and Robert Feleo “Lutang/Laho”


Niccolo Jose "Spring"

Niccolo Jose “Spring”


Gerecho Iniel Cruz "After Juan Luna (La Bulaqueña)"

Gerecho Iniel Cruz “After Juan Luna (La Bulaqueña)”


Art Lozano "High Noon Blooming"

Art Lozano “High Noon Blooming”


Otheniel Neri "Familia Ante Omnia"

Otheniel Neri “Familia Ante Omnia”


Norman Dreo "Visiting Artist"

Norman Dreo “Visiting Artist”


Betsy Westendorp "Orquideas"

Betsy Westendorp “Orquideas”


Andres Barrioquinto "Big Boots Series"

Andres Barrioquinto “Big Boots Series”


Orley Ypon "Agawan"

Orley Ypon “Agawan”


Niccolo Jose "The Kiss"

Niccolo Jose “The Kiss”


Orley Ypon "Toledo Country Side"

Orley Ypon “Toledo Country Side”


J Consunji "Verge"

J Consunji “Verge”


Romulo Galiciano "Poetry of the Tree"

Romulo Galiciano “Poetry of the Tree”


Nile Pabadora "Alone to Change Him"

Nile Pabadora “Alone to Change Him”


Mia Herbosa "Mrs. Snow" and "Valtrudis"

Mia Herbosa “Mrs. Snow” and “Valtrudis”


Ross Capili "Recreating Bird Droppings on My Windshield"

Ross Capili “Recreating Bird Droppings on My Windshield”


Justin Nuyda "Allegro"

Justin Nuyda “Allegro”


Justin Nuyda "Andante"

Justin Nuyda “Andante”


Rico Lascano "Heofon II"

Rico Lascano “Heofon II”


Herwin Buccat "Lilim"

Herwin Buccat “Lilim”


Jo Tanierla "Si Urbana, and Tadtarin"

Jo Tanierla “Si Urbana, and Tadtarin”


Winner Jumalon "A Day in the Life II"

Winner Jumalon “A Day in the Life II”


Nestor Vinluan "On Golden Pond XII"

Nestor Vinluan “On Golden Pond XII”


Niccolo Jose "The Phoenix"

Niccolo Jose “The Phoenix”


Allain Hablo "Kintsugi"

Allain Hablo “Kintsugi”


Jonathan Benitez "Pandanus"

Jonathan Benitez “Pandanus”




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Rondo II runs from November 16 to December 10, 2017 at Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea 3F Greenbelt 5 T (632) 501 – 3270 – 71 E Open daily from 10AM – 8PM.




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